Cooking Classes and Camps
with a bit of etiquette too!

From Petit Bakers to Teens

Kids classes and camps are offered throughout the year. We have annual classes at the holidays that are very popular! Summertime cooking camps fill up fast and our kitchen is very busy! A bit of etiquette, manners, courtesy is part of every class and camp. 

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Some kids learn to appreciate the art of food preparation at an early age. If you're looking to teach your child the importance of learning to cook, come to Central Coast Culinary And Catering. We offer a variety of children's cooking classes for students of all ages in San Luis Obispo, CA.

At Central Coast Culinary And Catering, we're passionate about cooking and food. We love what we do, and we're eager to share our skills so that budding young chefs can begin to hone their talent early on. From basic food preparation to more advanced skills, our classes cover a wide range of cooking-related topics and demonstrations. And we make sure to maintain a fun, engaging environment so that your child comes away with a new found appreciation for cooking.