07/03/18 KIDS Bake/Cook for 4th of July


07/03/18 KIDS Bake/Cook for 4th of July


Tuesday, July 3
1:00pm to 4:00pm 
KIDS Bake for 4th of July! 
Ages 7 thru 13 
Kids will make from scratch
Southern Fried Chicken;
Baked Cornbread with Honey Butter;
From Scratch Boston Baked Beans with Bacon;
Fourth of July Flag decorated Sheet Cake;
Home Made Vanilla, or Chocolate Ice Cream. 
Bring containers and no sandals,
flip flops or open toed shoes. 

There will be no other children's cooking camps in July
so do sign up for what is posted. 
I look forward to having your children and
I will guarantee they will love the time they spend at CCC.  

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